The Dirksen Congressional Center

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  •   The Dirksen Congressional Center Gateway
    • The Dirksen Congressional Center Gateway
      A point of entry to The Dirksen Center's suite of Web sites.

  •   The Dirksen Center
    • The Dirksen Center
      Helping People Better Understand the U.S. Congress, its people, its processes, and the public policies it produces.

  •   CongressLink
    • CongressLink
      A Resource for Teachers Providing Information About the U.S. Congress

  •   Robert H. Michel: U.S. Congressman
    • Robert H. Michel: U.S. Congressman
      Robert Henry "Bob" Michel - An American Republican Party politician who was a member of the United States House of Representatives for 38 years

  •   AboutGovernment
    • AboutGovernment
      Links to more than 50 sites about the U.S. Congress, four major search engines, and to a handful of sites about the federal government more generally.

  •   Congress for Kids
    • Congress for Kids
      Gives students access to interactive, fun-filled experiences designed to help them learn about the foundation of our federal government and how its actions affect you.

  •   Communicator
    • Communicator
      A monthly e-newsletter to stay current about changes to the other Dirksen Center sites, to learn about classroom uses of the information posted on them, and to hear about Dirksen Center news.